Zoomit, for SMEs and freelancers too

As a self-employed or an SME manager, you, like everyone else, can receive, view and pay your invoices smoothly and securely in Zoomit, via your home banking or business banking.   

If you work with an accountant for the further processing of all invoices, a digital copy of each purchase invoice you receive via Zoomit can be sent automatically to your accountant.

Zoomit has to that end pooled its forces and resources with CodaBox, which specialises in digital services for accountants. So avoid stress and save time because you no longer need to look for and collect papers before passing them on your accountant!



An automatic copy of your purchase invoices for your accountant

A digital copy of every purchase invoice you receive in Zoomit can be sent to your accountant. The only thing you have to do is contact your accountant and sign a CodaBox-mandate in which you authorise your accountant to get a copy of all purchase invoices you get in Zoomit. Your accountant gets these invoices in CodaBox. Thanks to your CodaBox mandate, current and new senders of invoices are added automatically, unlike private individuals who have to add each new sender manually.


Zoomit benefits one after the other

  • Your invoices come safely in your familiar banking environment (home banking or Business banking application)
  • You no longer need to print out invoices for your accountant
  • No need to look for and gather all invoices any longer, or prepare a shoebox full of paper for the accountant; the latter receives a copy automatically
  • No separate authorisation per supplier in Zoomit any longer; all you need is one mandate
  • Smooth payment with Zoomit; no data to copy any more, just one pre-completed transfer form.
  • A notification each time a new document comes in, and 3 days before the due date
  • You can also consult and pay invoices in certain bank apps while on the road
  • Your invoices are kept safe in Zoomit and cannot be falsified

FAQ: the 3 most frequently asked questions

  1. How can I make sure that my accountant can get a copy of my invoices?

    Your accountant can provide you with more information on the matter. S/he can provide you with the CodaBox mandate so that you no longer need to search and print invoices to send to him/her any longer.

  2. What if I do not wish to use this service any longer?

    Then you must cancel the CodaBox mandate. Talk to your accountant.

  3. What does this service cost?

    This service is available in Zoomit and is free of charge!