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What’s the idea behind Zoomit?

I have better things to do than waste time on paperwork and payments.

That’s what we said several years ago. Paying paper invoices via PC Banking is a chore and not very environmentally friendly.

What a chore!

Internet Banking? The PC itself does nothing, it’s me doing all the work! Type in the payment, the IBAN account number and BIC. Careful with the payment identification code! Then there’s the envelopes, the paper, detaching and filing... We’ve all been there.

It’s my money

  • Invoices in the filing cabinet and payments in PC Banking. Are you sure you know what has been paid and what hasn’t?
  • Lost the invoice and received a reminder plus a fine?
  • Direct debit seems to be a practical solution, but what do you do when you don’t agree with an invoice?

Environmentally friendly

Your suppliers draft the invoice on their computers. Then the invoice is printed and put in an envelope. Large telecommunications companies have over a million customers who receive a paper invoice which is several pages long every month. Add it up for yourself. The volume of paper, the fuel used by thousands of lorries, vans and motorbikes, producing fine dust particles, CO2 and noise.

We need to do better! That’s why we developed Zoomit. The new standard for handling your documents, such as invoices, credit notes and pay slips, quick and easy. Directly in your PC Banking.