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What is Zoomit?

Zoomit is a free service in Internet and Mobile Banking enabling you to handle documents such as invoices, credit notes and pay slips quickly and easily. You decide when to pay and waste less time on your finances. Besides that, you are no longer inundated with paperwork and you will be giving the environment a helping hand too.

Your account number is your new address

The documents are sent to your account number. Thanks to Zoomit, you can consult and handle your documents in your PC Banking.

Zoomit in 3 easy steps

  1. You are informed by e-mail when a new document is available.
  2. You can approve and pay your invoices in just a few clicks in your PC Banking. The transfer slip is already filled in.
  3. If you forget a payment, a reminder e-mail is sent to you a few days before the due date, enabling you to avoid service interruptions and administrative fees from your suppliers.

No procedures or need to register

Zoomit is offered in your Internet and Mobile Banking and requires no registration or activation. The issuers of the invoices or pay slips decide whether to offer you the Zoomit service, so you don’t need to request anything. All you need to do is confirm, for each issuer, whether you want to receive your documents in Zoomit.

Also for freelancers and companies

In Belgium, around a billion paper invoices are still sent out every year. This costs the recipient a great deal of time and money. This paperwork is also tedious and prone to error. So it is only logical that self-employed workers and businesses should want to receive their invoices electronically to avoid adding to the mountain of paper. Go to Zoomit for freelancers and companies.