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The ease of Zoomit

I have better things to do than paperwork - I have Zoomit.

My invoices don’t get lost anymore. I receive an e-mail when they are available in my Internet and Mobile Banking. If I forget, I receive a reminder e-mail a few days before the due date.

Making a payment couldn’t be quicker. The transfer slip is already filled in with the right amount, the beneficiary’s account number and the payment identification number. In just a few clicks in PC Banking, the transfer is made without any risk of data entry error.

Thanks to Zoomit, I can see my documents clearly without paperwork. My invoices and pay slips are listed, along with the payments, in a secure place, i.e. my PC Banking.

  • I don’t have to wade through a mound of paper or keep files anymore
  • I store my invoices on my PC
  • I don’t have to look on suppliers’ sites anymore.

The ease of Zoomit