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Senders and Banks

Senders and Banks

I don’t want suppliers who send out
paper invoices - I have Zoomit.

Zoomit is the new standard when it comes to handling
my invoices, credit notes and pay slips quickly and easily.

We are already more than 600,000 Zoomit users,
and 30,000 people join us each month.

Zoomit is a joint initiative by Belgian banks.
More than 95% of the 7.5 million people who have a bank
account have free access to Zoomit with 13 banks.

More than 60 suppliers of products and services,
including Electrabel, Proximus, Mobistar, Lampiris
and Luminus, offer their customers invoices via Zoomit.

Most payroll offices offer employees the ability
to receive their pay slips via Zoomit.