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Send your invoices with Zoomit

Zoomit allows you to easily and securely send your invoices and other documents to your customer.
Zoomit is a simple and easy solution for your customer as invoices and other documents appear in his Internet Banking and he can view, pay and/or save them immediately.

In addition to companies that send invoices, credit notes, notifications and other documents, there are many other stakeholders that all play a specific role in the invoice-to-payment chain.

  • Social secretariats who create pay slips and other social documents.
  • Government agencies with tax returns, taxes and contributions.
  • Health insurance companies for their own invoices and reimbursements.
  • Document Service Providers that, as service providers to companies, process paper and electronic documents.
  • Banks that offer Zoomit in their PC and Mobile Banking.

Do you also want to send a large number of invoices or paychecks?
Send us an email at Sender@codabox.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.