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Get started with Zoomit

Zoomit is a free service available in the PC Banking of the participating banks. There is no need to register.

The principle is very simple: open your PC Banking and go to the Zoomit heading to see the list of documents available. If the list is empty, it means that no senders have sent you any documents.

Get started with Zoomit

The senders of invoices or the senders of pay slips decide whether to offer you them in Zoomit via your PC Banking. So you don’t need to request anything. All you need to do is confirm, for each issuer, whether you want to accept their offer and receive their documents in Zoomit from now on.

The rule of thumb

  • The issuer decides whether or not to offer documents in Zoomit
  • You decide whether or not to receive them

Exception to the rule: Some issuers expect you to make a request to receive your documents via Zoomit yourself. Don’t see documents in Zoomit from an issuer mentioned on the Zoomit site? Contact this issuer. Only the issuer can confirm whether it has offered a document in Zoomit or sent it via an alternative route, for example in a paper version. The recipient decides whether or not to receive a document in your PC Banking.

You can delete an issuer you have added to Zoomit at any time.

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Also for freelancers and companies

In Belgium, around a billion paper invoices are still sent out every year. This costs the recipient a great deal of time and money. This paperwork is also tedious and prone to error. So it is only logical that self-employed workers and businesses should want to receive their invoices electronically to avoid adding to the mountain of paper. Go to Zoomit for freelancers and companies.