“We now do all of our paperwork online. We log in securely to our bank to use Zoomit: everything is in one place.”
Josée, 72 & Romain, 71, Evergem

What is Zoomit?

Zoomit is a free service which delivers invoices and pay slips in your online bank, where you can pay them in a click. Zoomit is used by 13 banks and over 60 senders. Zoomit is easy to activate and simple to use.

How does it work?

Zoomit is by default available in your internet banking, no need to install or download a new app! Every time a new document is available, you’ll receive a notification. Zoomit is your inbox for invoices and salary slips, so you have all your paperwork in one place where you can pay them in a single click.

Safe & sound

Are you concerned about your online safety? By receiving confidential documents in your bank, you enjoy the highest security standards available. What’s more: you don’t need to worry about missing an invoice sent by email or a payment due date.


Small changes can make a big difference. With Zoomit, we help you make a green choice and use less paper. Together, 1.5 million Zoomit users received18 million documents in 2018, saving over 2000 trees a year.