Zoomit: open for business

Receive business invoices via Zoomit

Zoomit allows you to receive your business invoices safely in your banking portal or app, eliminating the risk for invoice fraud. You get an email notification every time a new document is available. You can quickly and securely pay invoices online, straight from your bank app.

No need to print or collect invoices for your accountant: Zoomit invoices can be copied to your accounting firm automatically and integrated straight into their bookkeeping software (options below). Plus you don’t need to approve each supplier individually; we’ll collect all digital invoices for you.

Share Zoomit invoices automatically

If you work with an accounting firm, CodaBox can automatically send a digital copy of your purchase invoices. Via a CodaBox-mandate you can authorize your accountant to receive a copy of all purchase invoices you get via Zoomit.

You can also share a copy of your Zoomit invoices with your accounting firm via ClearFacts and BookMate. ClearFacts and BookMate are customer portals used by the leading accounting firms in Belgium. Your accounting firm will process and book digital invoices for you, directly into their bookkeeping software. Contact your accountant or accounting firm to activate (one of) these services.

Send documents to business & private clients

The biggest utilities, services, insurance and payroll companies in Belgium use Zoomit to send digital documents to 1 in 4 families. Through a simple and robust API we deliver digital docs directly in secure banking apps, ready for payment. Contact us to start sending invoices via Zoomit.

We can also help you receive and send B2B e-invoices digitally, without manual intervention or encoding. We focus on end-to-end digital document delivery so finance applications can talk to each other and invoices can be exchanged 100% automatically. Contact us to exchange B2B invoices.

Integrate Zoomit as a bank

With our newest API, integrating Zoomit into your banking portal has never been easier. Our modern and smart REST API integrates seamlessly into any online banking environment, in perfect support of your brand. 13 Belgian banks have been using Zoomit for a couple of years now, which helps them to increase convenience and user-friendliness in their online banking environment. Contact us to integrate Zoomit in your online banking environment.